Music- when I really have to focus I find that Miles Davis' "He loved him madly" really does the trick. It's Davis' song for Duke Ellington. I once heard Brian Eno say that he really liked it, so I was curious having never heard it. It has really grown on me.

Mark Vollenweider

Born on June 11th, 1980 at St. Francis Hospital in Waterloo, Iowa, to a housewife & 'Machinist', Mark was the second of two children raised in a small white house near Waterloo's Liberty Park. During his 12 years of Catholic education Mark learned to draw either in an attempt to impress girls (which never worked) or as an outlet for the boiling resentment he had for both the Catholic faith & the incompetent staff of wretched, miserable dullards who masqueraded as teachers. Mark earned his BFA from from the University of Iowa, focusing on drawing & painting. He currently works & resides in Iowa City.

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